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Maintenance and repair

  • Reception of registration and entry photo
  • Dismantling
  • Checking of bearing seats, shafts, flanges, etc.
  • Washing
  • Drying in oven
  • Mechanical and electrical metrology according to standards and report
  • Maintenance and/or rewinding
  • Anti-flash protective varnish
  • Replacement of bearings
  • Complete mechanical and electrical checks
  • Mechanical work: banding, reloading, grinding of manifolds, milling of micas, etc.
  • No-load rotation tests
  • Report


  •     Static and dynamic balancing on calibrated Schenck balancing machine
  • Max capacity : 4.5 T
  • Max. diameter: between bearings 1.6 m and outside bearings 2.8 m
  • Length between bearings: 2.5 m
  • With report and certificate
  • Static and dynamic balancing on calibrated … balancing machine
  • Max capacity : 5T
  • Max. diameter : between bearings 1.6 m outside
  • Length between bearings : 3.6 m
  • With report and certificate


  • Asynchronous motor with cage for all powers up to 30 tons LV&HV
  • Slip ring motor
  • DC motor
  • Schrage motor,
  • Special parts, chokes, coils, brake, etc….
  • In round wire as well as in flat wire
  • Submersible pump
  • Vacuum and pressure impregnation, class H
  • Polymerization in oven
  • Transformer
  • Alternator

Traction motor


Test bench equipment

Machining and boiler making

Production of all parts according to drawings and/or models


MEMD carries out refurbishments of traction motors from spare parts, among others for traction motors.

By carrying out these repairs, we give the motor a new life, it is reconditioned like new.

This makes it possible to put mechanical and/or electrical installations back into operation.


  • Major engine inspection
  • Endoscopic inspections
  • Electrical test
  • Major inspection in case of engine failure
  • Delta tangent measurements in the workshop and on site.
  • Some examples of the latest delta tangent tests performed